Wishart Family Crest
The Wishart Society

Wishart Lunch 2015
Was held to
 commemorate the life of
 Jack Gillespie Wishart
1939 - 2015
Royal Scots Club
29 Abercromby Place
Edinburgh EH3 6QE
Wednesday 18th November at 12noon

For full details and bookings please contact David Wishart at davidwishart@talktalk.net or telephone 0131 337 1448

We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh!

The main restaurant has a bar where pre-lunch drinks can be purchased.

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The Eagle Has LandedWelcome!George Wishart, The Protestant Martyr
The Wishart Society exists to support members of the Wishart Family throughout the world.  Based in Edinburgh Scotland, we can help you search for your family tree, provide historical information about famous Wisharts, supply the Wishart Tartans and Crest, and so on.

George Wishart
Held on Friday August 30th, 2013

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Perhaps our most famous ancestor is George Wishart, the Protestant Martyr (pictured above).  He was born at Pitarrow House in 1513, and burnt at the stake in St Andrews on March 1st, 1546.  To find out more, click here .

For that unique present, consider giving a Wishart Tartan Scarf, Wishart Tartan Sash, Wishart Tartan Tie, Wishart Crest or Wishart Tartan Wall Plaque.  Payment can be by credit card or check.   Details here

The background to this page shows our two Wishart Tartans, the Wishart Dress Tartan (red) and the Wishart Hunting Tartan (green).  In the left corner of each page you will find the Wishart Crest , the emblem of which is an eagle, wings expanded.  The Crest dates from medieval times, and was last recorded at the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, 22nd February 1769.

Wishart Tartan
Our range of Wishart tartan items in pure new wool includes shawls, sashes, headsquares, scarves and ties.
 Our most popular suggestions:
For the gents, a
Wishart Tartan tie
For the ladies, a scarf and brooch

The Wishart Crest and Tartans can be worn by anyone named Wishart, Wisheart, Wishard, Whichard, Wiseheart, Wisehart, Wiscard, Wyscard, Wyschard, Wysart, Wischeard, Guiscard, Giscard, .... 

If your name is one of the above spellings of Wishart, or similar, then you are a member of our extended worldwide Wishart Family.  We bid you a special "cousin's welcome" to the Wishart website, first established in 1998.  Here you will find information on the following:

and much, much more ... For further information, please send us an email.  You can also write to us, or contact us by telephone or fax, if you prefer.

The Scots Worthies
John Howie's Biographia Scoticana  Revision by Rev Andrew Bonar
Chapter on George Wishart, available here