Are You A Wishart? 

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Some variations on the name of Wishart are as follows:

UK, Rep. Ireland, Commonwealth, USA:  Wishart, Wisheart, Wishert, Wishard, Wiseheart, Wisehart, Wiscard, Wissard, Wysard, Wysart, Wyscard, Wyschard, Wischeard, Wischert, Whichard, Wycharde, Wyscharde, Whisker, Wichard, Vicharde, Vizard

France: Guiscard, Guichard, Giscard

Benelux: Vis card

Italy: Guishard, Guiscardo

We believe the name is descended from Tancred de Hauteville La Guiscard of St. Lo (near Coutances in Normandy, France).  See Wishart History for some more information.  If Guiscard is written in script, it can easily be mistaken for Wiscard.

If you would like us to check your Wishart ancestry, complete our on-line tree inquiry with your earliest known Wishart ancestor and submit it today.  Alternatively, if you already have several records of your Wishart family members, then go to Wishart Family Tree.  You can download the Wishart Family Tree form, complete it offline and submit it by email; or you can print it, complete it manually and send it by post.  To download the form, click DOWNLOAD now.

If you have successfully connected your ancestry to the Wisharts of Pittarrow, then we cordially invite you to search for new cousins.

If you are interested in wearing the Wishart Tartan, you can choose either the Wishart Hunting or the Wishart Dress tartan.