Wishart Society Guestbook 



We used to have an inquiry form on this page, which you could complete and submit through the Wishart.org website to obtain further information.

Spam Attack Unfortunately our inquiry form was attacked by spammers, who swamped our in-box with unsolicited emails. There were too many to check, so they all had to be deleted (sent to "nospam") and unfortunately this also deleted genuine inquiries.

To obtain further information, please send us your message via your normal email, and address it to the currently active email address, shown in the picture box below.  We can only display the address as a picture, because the spammers also use electronic spiders to search for email addresses entered as text or in links.

Please note that even this method can be infiltrated by spammers. We therefore change our currently valid email address regularly, so it is necessary to re-visit this page to contact us again.

Our active email address is displayed in the box

We apologize for this enforced subterfuge, and thank you for your genuine interest in the Wishart Society.