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David Wishart's Genealogical Tree, published in Perth, Scotland 1914.

David Wishart's book "Genealogical History of the Wisharts of Pittarrow and Logie Wishart, County of Kincardine, or the Mearns, and of Fifeshire (Scotland)" was published in Perth, Scotland in 1914.  It chronicles the Wishart family in Scotland from the 13th century to the end of the 19th century.  Copies were supplied by the author to members of his family and friends, together with a printed tree entitled "Genealogical Tree of the Wisharts of Kincardineshire or the Mearns and Fifeshire, Scotland" (see right).

We are very pleased that David Wishart's book has been transcribed into electronic format by Neville Wishart of Wellington, New Zealand, and we are able to offer it here for download as a Word document free of charge. 

Wishart Tree

Neville has also transcribed David Wishart's tree into a format suitable for viewing with Family Tree Maker, and other genealogical tree programs.

The electronic versions of the book and the tree have the advantage that you can search on names, places, dates or tree reference numbers to find someone in David Wishart's book.

Readers should be aware that the author copied freely from an earlier book by Dr. Charles Rogers entitled "Life of George Wishart".  He also focused on tracing the origins of his own family in Fifeshire, Scotland, and other branches are consequently incomplete.  A number of errors in the book have been reported, but there has been no attempt to correct these in the version we supply here - it is verbatim, a true transciption of the original book, as published in 1914.

This book and tree contain references to over 700 Wisharts spannning seven centuries.  Our family genealogist has records of over 15,000 Wisharts, including many branches in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  If you would like to link your family into David Wishart's book and tree, then we

We would very much like to display a photo of David Wishart (699) here.  If one of his descendants has a photo of him, please contact us.

recommend that you complete our family tree form and send it to us by email.

If any descendant of David Wishart (699) has a picture of him we would be very pleased to receive a copy so that it can be added on this page.  A photo of his uncle Matthew Wishart and cousins is shown here.

We have a page where you can show your link to an ancestor mentioned in the book, and possibly find new cousins .

Download  David Wishart's book Wisharts of Pittarrow is available for download free-of-charge.  To obtain the book, click one of the buttons below and store the file on your PC.  If you are not sure whether you can unzip the file, then click the Word document on the left - this will take a little longer to download.  Finally, open the file using Microsoft Word and start reading the fascinating history of the Wishart from the 12th century in Scotland.

Wisharts of Pittarrow
(Word doc - 230k)

Wisharts of Pittarrow
(Zip file - 66k)

If you would like to obtain David Wishart's tree in Family Tree Maker format, click here