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Sincere Apology for order malfunctions from November 2015 to February 2016. We moved this website to another company and unfortunately failed to have our orders email address tartan@wishart.org transferred as well. This resulted in PayPal failing to notify us about the orders. This was corrected in February 2016 and we now believe our PayPal order system is functioning properly again.

We are pleased to be able to offer various products in Wishart Tartan, all fashioned in Scotland by Scottish craftsmen and craftswomen, as follows:

Wishart Tartan and Crest Products

Prices are in UK GBP.

Wishart Tartan Notecards (pack of 5 with envelopes): £5.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Necktie, pure new wool: £19.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Necktie, lightweight worsted wool: £19.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Necktie, Thai silk: £21.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Bow Tie, Thai silk (ready-tied or self-tied): £18.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Scarf, pure new wool: £21.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Scarf, lightweight worsted wool: £21.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Headsquare/neckerchief (Dress red), lightweight worsted wool: £15.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Sash, lightweight worsted wool: £37.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Crest Wall Plaque: £59.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Reiver Material, pure new wool, 10oz Fabric,  per yd: £43.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Braeriach Material, pure new wool, 13oz Fabric, per yd: £43.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Springweight Material, lightweight worsted wool, 7oz Fabric, per yd: £38.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Tartan Material,Thai 2-ply silk, per yd (Wishart Dress red only) £30.00 UK - order by email

For all Wishart Tartan orders, please specify Hunting Tartan (green) or Dress Tartan (red).

Wishart Family Crest Brooch or Badge: £18.00 UK - order by email

Wishart Family Crest Buckle (for kilt): £43.00 UK - order by email
(Leather belts can be supplied if required, at cost)

Postage and Packing

Only exact postage costs will be added.

Product Information

Lochcarron Braeriach is a 13oz fine worsted cloth, woven in double width (54ins) by our appointed weavers in the Scottish Borders. The pattern repeats every 6ins, making it suitable for kilts, kilted skirts and warm trousers.  Thus, for example, a conventional gents 8 yd kilt requires 4 yds of Braeriach material.

Lochcarron Reiver is a lighter 10oz fine worsted cloth, suitable for ties, scarves, shawls or sashes, long dresses and lightweight (e.g. golfing) trousers. It is woven double width (59ins) and the pattern repeats every 5ins.

Thai silk is 2-ply pure silk woven in Thailand (48ins wide), fashioned in Scotland.

Ties are supplied in Reiver cloth or Thai silk with a polyester inner lining, about 40ins long. 

Scarves are supplied in Reiver cloth, measuring 9 x 58ins, unbrushed.  

Wishart Crest

The Wishart Crest is taken from the arms of William Thomas Wishart, recorded on 22 February 1769.  We have the permission of Lord Lyon to use the Crest and supply it to family members. The Crest features an eagle, wings expanded with the family motto "Mercy is my Desire".   

Our wooden wall plaque measures about 10 x 8 ins and incorporates a hand-painted Wishart Crest with a Wishart Tartan backing, so please specify Wishart Hunting (green) or Wishart Dress (red).  

Wishart Tartan Kilts and Skirts

Gents kilts can be supplied in Braeriach cloth, 8 yds (single width, maximum 27ins long).

Ladies kilted skirts are made in Braeriach cloth, 4 yds (single width, maximum 27ins long; or double width, maximum 54ins long).

Examples are shown in our photo gallery.  Please ask for details of self-measurement and current prices by email.  For further information, please send us an email now.  You can also write to us, or contact us by telephone if you prefer - details here.

 * All our prices are valid only while stocks last.