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David Wishart's Genealogical Tree, published in Perth, Scotland 1914. David Wishart's tree entitled "Genealogical Tree of the Wisharts of Kincardineshire or the Mearns and Fifeshire, Scotland" is available here for download, free of charge.  It contains over 700 Wisharts dating from the 13th century, as illustrated right, to the 20th century when David Wishart's book and tree were published.  We are very grateful to Neville Wishart of Wellington, New Zealand for converting the tree into GEDCOM format.  It can now be loaded into Family Tree Maker, or other genealogical tree programs, and then viewed or printed.

Furthermore, if you can connect your own family to this tree, then you will instantly extend your Wishart tree right back to the 1200's in Scotland.  This is also an excellent way to record your own family tree, which we are happy to recommend - you can then make it available to family and friends in a very portable and presentable format.

To view the tree, you will need a program such as Family Tree Maker.  It is available by online mail order in the USA from Genealogy.com, and through software dealers everywhere.

David Wishart's tree is supplied in two formats: FTW, the format used by Family Tree Maker; and GEDCOM, the industry standard format used by most genealogical programs.  If you have Family Tree Maker 7.5 or later, then we suggest that you select FTW format.  If you have an earlier version, you may need to use the GEDCOM file.  The FTW file includes the tree already formatted for viewing and printing using Family Tree Maker.

We reproduce below an extract from David Wishart's tree covering the succession of the barony of Pittarrow, and the martyr George Wishart.  This tree was produced using Family Tree Maker with the FTW tree data file supplied below.  We have coloured in blue the succession of the Lairds of Pittarrow in the 16th century; and we highlight in black the martyr George Wishart, son of James Wyschart and Elizabeth Learmont.  It will be apparent that George Wishart did not marry or have any issue, so that those who claim to be descended from him are almost certainly mistaken on this evidence.


Wisharts of Pittarrow and the lineage of George Wishart, the martyr

John Wyschart, the last Laird of Pittarrow on this extract tree, married Jean Douglas the daughter of William Douglas, the ninth Earl of Angus.  Following this marriage, the Wishart arms were incorporated into the Douglas arms; and much later, the Douglas tartan was incorporated into the Wishart tartan .  Sir John Wyschart was a member of the Scottish Parliament, a deputy of Earl Marischal and the owner of a substantial barony in Kincardineshire.  He was the last important Laird of Pittarrow , and after his death the Pittarrow estates were sadly sold by his second son in about 1631.

To download David Wishart's tree, click the appropriate button below.   Included with each option is a MS Word description of the files and, for GEDCOM users, some notes on the fields thathave been used to store the data.

These files are compressed, so you will need to unzip them using WinZip or a similar de-compression program.  They contain a tree data file, a key file, and the MS Word description mentioned above.  When you have unzipped the files, simply open them in Family Tree Maker or another genealogical tree program.

Please remember that if you find a connection from your family to David Wishart's tree you can register this here .