Whisky Classified Cooler 

The "Whisky Classified" Cooler

Much nonsense is talked about what should or should not be added to whisky.  "Why would I add water to it", said Jimmy, "there's plenty in it a'ready".   So, we have received this myth that Scotch whisky is too good a drink to reduce or mix it's considered an after-dinner, fireside tipple.

Fortunately our European cousins have no such inhibitions!  Spain is the largest export market for Scotch whisky, where fashionable young people drink it in bars at any time of the day.  Likewise, the French quaff more Scotch whisky in a month than cognac in a year.  They mix it with ice, coke, lemonade ... indeed, anything that complements and develops its flavour.  As the Editor of Whisky Magazine says "drink it long in a thong, or cool by the pool".

Whisky Classified CoolerSo here is our contribution to cooling down a long, hot summer the "Whisky Classified" Cooler.  It's perfect for any social occasion, before a meal, beside the pool, at the barbecue, or in the garden a fruity, spicy alternative to a bland g&t.  It won't knock you out, because at 8% alcohol it isn't strong it's strength is in its flavour, which is what "Whisky Classified" is all about.  In fact, we've been serving it with considerable success at all our "Whisky Classified" tastings.

Our "Whisky Classified" Cooler combines fine Scotch whisky, sparkling pink ginger (non-alcoholic), lemon and ice.  The recipe is simple, as follows:

Put some ice cubes and a slice of lemon or lime in a tall 250ml glass, pour on 50ml of good blended whisky and 40ml of Thorncroft Pink Ginger Cordial, top up with sparkling mineral water (twist of lemon), stir and serve.

Our picture features Cutty Sark Scots Whisky and Thorncroft Pink Ginger Cordial, because both producers generously support our tutored tastings.  Thorncroft Cordials can be found in most UK Sainsbury supermarkets, and Cutty Sark is widely available in supermarkets, off-licences and duty-free.  You can, of course, vary the brands if your shop doesn't offer the excellent ones we've suggested.

So here's to a long, hot cooling summer!

Cheers!  Or, as we say in Gaelic, ....

Slainte Mhath!

Whisky Classified: Choosing Single Malts by Flavour, by David Wishart, Pavilion Books, London, price 14.99  Credit card order-line: 01903-828503 (quote PAV 88).

The "Whisky Classified" Cooler was served at the launch of Whisky Classified, Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, Edinburgh, 11th July 2002.