North Holland Whisky Festival 

Whisky Classified at the North Holland Whisky Festival in Groningen, 29 February - 2 March 2008

Discover the flavours of Scotch malt whiskies at this talk and tasting by David Wishart, author of "Whisky Geclassificeerd: Single Malts Kiezen op Smaak" and Whisky Analyst, a computer system for classifying single malt whiskies by flavour.

David Wishart, author of Whisky Classified and Whisky GeclassificeerdDavid will guide you through the history and romance of Scotch whisky, from the aqua vitae of the early monasteries, the alchemist's art of turning barley into medicine, and hedonistic uisge beatha of remote Scottish crofts.

Today, due to variable peating and cask selection and preparation, the flavour of malt whisky is more diverse than ever.  David describes his unique classification of Scotch malt whiskies by flavour, with seven fine malts to taste (illustrated below - subject to confirmation).  These span the range of flavours in the whisky spectrum, as described in his book "Whisky Classified". 

He will also be publishing the third edition of Whisky Analyst, a computer system for profiling and classifying whiskies by flavour, using his unique scientific method.  It includes an extended directory detailing 140 aged malts, special expressions and special wood finishes. It will be possible to purchase signed copies of "Whisky Classified", in English, or "Whisky Geclassificeerd" in Dutch, together with Whisky Analyst3 on CD-ROM.  Further information here

Whiskies for tasting at North Holland Whisky Festival

Tutored  tasting sponsored by Balvenie Port Wood Craigellachie, Glengoyne, The Glenlivet, Glenrothes, Glentauchers, Highland Park, Laphroaig, and Talisker.