Seminar Synopsis 

"We'll tak a cup of kindness yet" - the story of Scotch whisky

David Wishart, author of Whisky Classified - Choosing Single Malts by FlavourDiscover the flavours of Scotch malt whiskies at this talk and tasting by Dr. David Wishart, Scottish academic and author of "Whisky Classified: Choosing Single Malts by Flavour".  Dubbed the "Carl LinnŠus" of whisky by fellow writer Charles Maclean, David Wishart was the first to categorise single malts by flavour, and his classification is now fully endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Industry.

David will guide you through the history and romance of Scotch whisky, from the aqua vitae of the early monasteries, the alchemist's art of turning barley into medicine, and the hedonistic uisge beatha of remote Scottish crofts, to the taverns of the Royal Mile and the hot toddies of the New Town.  The surgeon barbers' monopoly in licensing whisky in the 16th century spawned illicit stills on Highland moors, battles with the excisemen, and smuggling into the cities.

Whisky Classified - Choosing Single Malts by FlavourThe Royal romance with "Scotch" started with the Prince Regent in 1822, blossomed with Queen Victoria at Balmoral, and continues with the Prince of Wales today.  Whisky is evoked in the poetry of Burns, in the travelogues of Stevenson, and in the art of Landseer and Wilkie.  London may have toasted with brandy in the Regency period, but when a tiny beetle devastated Cognac in 1863 the upper classes turned to whisky and the famous Scotch blends were born.  David Lloyd George tried his best to kill it off in the cause of temperance, but he couldn't prevent the "Real McCoy" reaching the speak-easies of New York and Chicago during US Prohibition in the 1920s.

Today, the flavour of malt whisky is more diverse than ever, due to the influence of variable peating, cask preparation, extended maturation, and special finishes.  David describes his unique scientific classification by flavour based on sensory analysis, with a selection of fine malts to taste and his poem "Scotia's Gold" to end.

He has chosen some well-known favourites for the tasting, plus a couple of malts that are harder to find.  They span the range of flavours of single malt whiskies, as described in David's book.  It will also be possible for you to purchase signed copies of David's book, if you wish.