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Whisky Analyst - version 3 - was published on 12 October 2007, at Smak av Whisky 2007.  It contains tasting notes and flavour profiles for the full ranges of malts from Bunnahabhain, Glenfarclas, Highland Park and Macallan. Everyone who bought "Välj Whisky Efter Smak och Doft" received a free copy of Whisky Analyst3 CD in Malmö.

Whisky Analyst solves the problem of keeping up-to-date with all the new releases of premium single malt whiskies, without have to purchase endless magazines and books. Whisky Analyst is a computer program which allows you to record, profile, compare and classify single malt whiskies by flavour. With Whisky Analyst you can contrast your own personal tasting notes and flavour profiles with those of Whisky Classified, and build up your own directory. It's a very simple co-operative concept, which does not require any whisky enthusiast to slavishly follow another person's ratings, and can be tailored to your own personal preferences.

Whisky Analyst is described in Whisky Classified: Choosing Single Malts by Flavour (now available in several language editions). Whisky Analyst and the 2008 directory is available here, for free download. Furthermore, as we add more flavour profiles and tasting notes all you will need to do is download the latest edition of the Whisky Analyst Directory.

Please note that I am still working on Whisky Analyst, which is a pre-release edition; therefore some of the functionality is missing. But it already has an extended directory of single malt whiskies, for example check out the comprehensive Glenfarclas entry.


You can download a pre-release edition of Whisky Analyst here . Please note that the folder is in compressed (zip) format of size 1.3MB and may take some time to download via a dial-up connection. It also contains the computer program WhiskyAnalyst which may cause rejection by some spam filters.

A Whisky Analyst release 3 was added on 7 January 2008. It contains tasting notes and flavour profiles for 135 single malt whiskies, including Glenfarclas (8), Macallan Fine Oak (4), Smokehead, Old Pulteney (2), An Cnoc, Balblair (3), and Tartan of Holland. You can also save bottle images, flavour profiles, analysis, and tasting notes.

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