World Whiskies Conference 2006 

Whisky Classified at the World Whiskies Conference, 20-21 April
Edinburgh International Conference Centre

David Wishart, author of Whisky Classified and Whisky GeclassificeerdDefining the Flavour of Single Malt Whiskies
Dr. David Wishart
School of Management
University of St. Andrews

The whisky distilleries of Scotland were originally classified by region solely for taxation purposes. David Wishart argues that there are no longer any consistently discernible regional "styles" of malt whiskies, and the regional classification is now largely redundant.

Today, with variable levels of peating, cask preparation, and special finishes, the flavours of single malts are more diverse than ever. Special expressions supporting his case include Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Macallan, Bowmore, and Diageo's Double-Matured.  Instead, Wishart presents his unique classification of Scotch malt whiskies by flavour, as described in the new 2006 edition of his book "Whisky Classified: Choosing Single Malts by Flavour".

Using a flavour profile of twelve cardinal flavours, developed from extensive analysis of tasting notes, Wishart re-defines the malt whisky flavour spectrum. He groups the principal single malt whiskies of Scotland into ten clusters of malts that taste similar, to compare and contrast them. His classification by flavour is fully supported by the Scotch Whisky Industry, and essential reading for anyone involved in marketing Scotch malt whiskies.

"Whisky Classified" has been fully revised for a new second edition, and available shortly in 7 languages. Comprehensively covering the distilleries of Scotland, it includes a short description of each distillery, the author's own tasting notes, and flavour profiles according to his innovative classification. The history of whisky-making and production methods are carefully explained, and Dr Wishart also describes how to plan a diverse malt whisky tasting.

"Whisky Classified" has now been incorporated into "Whisky Analyst", a computer system for recording, profiling, and contrasting single malt whiskies according to Wishart's unique flavour profile and scientific method. It has an extended directory of aged malts, single cask editions, double matured malts, and special wood expressions.

Following David's talk it will be possible to purchase signed copies of "Whisky Classified", with a free "Whisky Analyst" CD.