Wishart Books 


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This page lists some of the important books written about the Wishart family, or by noted Wisharts.  Some of them may be downloaded in Word format.  The books currently recorded are as follows:

"Life of George Wishart the Scottish martyr with his translation of the Helvetian confession and a genealogical history of the family of Wishart", by Rev. Charles Rogers. L.L.D., Edinburgh, 1876.  It is available for download as a Word document, and is described here.

"Genealogical History of the Wisharts of Pittarrow and Logie Wishart, County of Kincardine, or the Mearns, and of Fifeshire (Scotland)" by David Wishart, Perth 1914.  It is available for download as a Word document, and is described here .

"Memoirs of James Graham, Marquis of Montrose", by Dr. George Wishart, Paris, 1647; translated into English by Archibald Constable, Edinburgh and London, 1819.  Summary by David Wishart here.

"The Scots Worthies", by Rev. Andrew Bonar, Glasgow, c. 1870.  [Currently being transcribed by Karen Wishart].  First instalment here.

"Thunder over Scotland", by Dr. James William Baird, Green Leaf Press, Campbell, California, 1982.  Review by Lois McPherson here.

"The Normans in the South", by J J Norwich.  It is the story of how the Guiscards went to the south of Italy as mercenaries (before 1066) and within 3 generations were Kings of Sicily.  One, Roger, freed Malta from the Turks.

"George Wishart - scholar, saint, reformer, martyr", by St. Mary's College, University of St. Andrews, 1946.  A copy is held at the National Library of Scotland, for reference only.

"George Wishart: the man who roused Scotland", by David Patrick Thomson, Church of Scotland Publications Department, Edinburgh, 1952.  Copies are held in the National Library of Scotland, in Glasgow, and in Manchester, for reference only.

"Life of George Wishart (of Pitarrow), The Martyr", by anon, American Sunday School Union, Philadelphia, 1847.  [Currently being transcribed by Walter Wishart]

"William Henry Wishard, A Doctor of the Old School", by Elizabeth Moreland Wishard, 1920.  [Currently being transcribed by Paul Wishard].