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Wishart Tartan Wall Plaque 


Wishart Wall PlaqueThe Wishart Tartan Wall Plaque measures 10 x 8 inches and incorporates a hand-painted Wishart Crest with a Wishart Tartan backing, mounted on a polished hardwood shield.  The Crest features an eagle, wings expanded, with the family motto "Mercy is my Desire" above, in a conventional clansman's strap-and-buckle clan shield, mounted on a tartan backing.  It is handmade by our heraldic woodcarver in Perthshire, Scotland to a design that has been approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

The photo (right) shows the Wishart wall plaque with a Wishart Hunting tartan backing.  The plaque is also available with a Wishart Dress (red) tartan backing.  Please specify the tartan required when ordering.

Wishart Dress Tartan Plaque


Wishart Hunting Tartan Plaque


PRICE A Wishart Tartan Plaque costs $75.00, plus $10.00 for airmail postage and packing for one plaque.  Currency is US dollars.

DELIVERY by airmail post normally takes 7 days to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

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