Wishart Dress Tartan 


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The Wishart Dress Tartan is predominantly red and dark blue, with mid-blue, yellow, black and white threads. Our tartan is woven in top quality worsted cloth, using pure new wool, by Lochcarron Scottish Craftsmen - our appointed weavers in the Scottish Borders.

® Wishart Dress Tartan was registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority on 26 June 1990 and is listed in the International Tartans Index no. 1993 here.

® Wishart Dress Tartan was registered with the UK Patent Office on 22 April 2003 and is recorded in the International Design Classification no. 3012259 here.

Wishart Dress Tartan is also available in 2-ply Thai silk.

Note that the image shown right is a computer generated illustration of the Wishart Dress Tartan, which may not accurately reproduce on your monitor the actual colours used in the wool or silk fabrics. It is also unlikely that it will print accurately on a colour printer, because the image has also been compressed for fast web transmission.

There is no substitute for ordering the real material, in a tie, scarf, dress or kilt!  Go to order information now, for details.